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Looking For The Right Gift For Your Sweetheart?

Flowers are pretty, but a week or so later? Get a gift that will put roses on their cheeks and not in their compost bins. 

Maybe you need a "Taking Back My Sexy" Gift for yourself? 

We've Got You (un)Covered!

The Rose + Candy After Dark V-Day Shop

This Valentine’s Day , Get That New Mama A Gift She Won't Forget.

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Roses around a happy mother who received a Rose + Candy box

From Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

A wonderful review by an actual mom who *actually* put everything to the test!

Check out her blog (It's great!) at the link below. 

The Accidental Mrs.

Red Tricycle...NBD

Red Tricycle is a fantastic resource for parents, especially if you live in or visit one of the major US cities they feature. 

Read what they wrote about us by clicking the link below.

Rose + Candy in Red Tri!

You Click, We Ship

Could it be any easier? No. The answer is no.
Yep. Mama totally rules.


I gave this as a shower gift- the current moms loved the idea and everything that was in it! It really resonated with them. My friend has since had her baby and is finding comfort in the items so perfectly chosen for new moms! Happy to be giving a 2nd box as a gift next week!

BB Chamberlain

This box is much fun! It's been a while since I've had a baby but I know I would have loved getting some treats that were meant just for me. Not a onesie in sight!

Shira Axelrud Boxer

BEST. MOM. GIFT (SURVIVAL KIT). EVER. These #badassmombosses know what is up.

Mara Weinstein

I recently purchased the 4th Trimester Box for my friend and she loved it! Having a newborn is tough and it's the small things that help you through! Great customer service and I will definitely buy again.

Erin Buchness

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