The Speak-Easy
The Speak-Easy
The Speak-Easy
The Speak-Easy
The Speak-Easy
The Speak-Easy
The Speak-Easy
Rose and Candy, INC

The Speak-Easy

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This is a fantastic new offering for the babe who wants to "get back in the saddle".

A Self-Love, Sex-Positive Gift that doesn't feel icky, tacky, cheap or sexist.
If she/you/they is/are:

a mother or co-parent that needs some TLC,

Someone struggling with feeling sexy during fertility treatment

Someone who is trying to get their mojo back

Someone you think needs a hot little lift

A Bachelor/ette

Someone that needs something to do while those yoga pants are in the dryer...

Then this is definitely the right gift to ring in the New Year.

Whether you take a "table for one" or a "seat at the bar with a partner", this Speakeasy is the hottest joint in town. It's not just a box, it's an experience.
Featuring luxe items from:
Pandora's Pops
and more! 
Plus! You'll get access to some very special web content, curated with an ethical and feminist eye, a set of original (and functional) art conversation starters that can be used to open a dialogue with a partner (Speak-Easy...get it?) 
and MORE. All packed in a gorgeous box with a hot jazz feel. 

We are partying like it's 1925!

The Speak-Easy

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